C'est moi

Hey, my name is Jonah. Online, you can find me under "geremachek" or "gmk". I'm an eccentric hobbyist programmer and student. I mostly interested in back-end, linux, and minimalist software.

I've been a member of the *nix community since 2017, when I dual booted ubuntu on my Windows machine. From there I eventually installed Linux Mint on my laptop, then Manjaro, and now Arch. I run a blog but I post very rarely. You can also find my software on this site, but you'll have better luck on my GitHub if you want more detailed information about it. I mainly write minmalist software that helps me acomplish tasks in the way I want to accomplish them. Oh and everything I write is GPL because praise Stallman

I'm also interested in cats, ancient history, lingustics, writing and numeral systems, fantasy, fountain pens, and mechanical pencils, among other things.

Things I've worked on

I enjoy programming in my free time, so I've written a few interesting pieces of software that I find useful. I wrote catfm, a interactive shell/file manager type oddity for UNIX systems. I have also worked on Argonaut, an open world fantasy game, that is no longer in active development and probably will never be finished. Currently, I am focusing all of my free time on working on a text editor, influenced by the likes of acme, vi, and emacs, It aims to be simple, stay out of your way, and work with the tools you already know and love.

This site

This site is just basic html with a single universal stylesheet. I don't use any facy blogging software or anything like that, I just create and link text files, Currently I'm using Github Pages to host the site but I'll probably rent a server at somepoint