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yaki is a simple organizer/to do list program for the terminal. Unlike many other similar programs, the grouping function is recursive and can hold other groups aswell as items. Think of this like directories on your computer. Another notable feature is the abillity to create custom "tags". A tag is a symbol or some text of a certain color displayed next to an item, the benefit of having custom tags and not just "done" and "unfinished" tags is that you can convey more detail and information about the state of the item through the tag. For more information, check out the GitHub page.

tropic is a dead simple CLI wallpaper manager for X. It allows you to create wallpaper libraries and set random/static wallpapers with out needing to edit your wm's config everytime you want a new wallpaper. Well, that's more of a half-truth as you do need to set tropic to run when your window manager starts, but after that all changes made fromm the command-line will be saved when you restart your window manager. More information on GitHub, as always

graf is simple CLI data grapher, as you may pick up from the name. graf takes numerical data and converts it into a colorful graph or percent bar. graf also has options that allow you to tweak the bars size if it is two small (it probably is by default!) or two big. Documention/source is on the GitHub page

tt is very simple time difference program. It allows you to get the difference between two different given times or a given time and the current time. It supports standard, and us time.

rb or "recycle bin" is a safer version of the rm utility. Instead of removing files, rb moves files into a folder in the ~/.cache directory. This isn't all you can do with rb, you can also "empty" the bin and retrieve files from it. The main point of the program is to avoid any regretted rm-ing or mistyping.