4/9/19 - Barrel O' Projects
Well, it hasn't been a whole month yet. I pretty much failed in plan to post every two days. From now on I'm going to try to post every Friday. Anyway, in the past month I've discovered I have a problem with projects. I'm a kind of a absent minded person, so when I'm out and about in life, I often think of ideas for programs, etc. Because of this I often come up with a bit to many project ideas. I have about 5 or so projects that I have had in the back of my head for six months that I have made zero progress on. More recently I've started to put all these ideas in a file in my /home directory. I don't use a "to do" list program because, funnily enough, one of my ideas is a to do list like program. I'm hoping to get the project I'm focusing on right now released by the end of this week. Hopefully I'm able to keep on schedule!

3/18/19 - The Mythical UNIX "booker"
Most standard UNIX applications have been rewritten, and moderenized in that past ten or so years. The one program that hasn't, at least in my oppinon is the pager. You may not even know what a pager is, most *nix systems set less or more as the default $PAGER. You probably have used a pager, though. man pipes it's output into $PAGER. I really like the idea of a pager. An interactive program that allows you to quickly maneuver through a document without the risk of editing the document. This got me thinking, what if I took the idea of a pager, and optimized for reading books, or reading text streams like books. This is how I got the idea for the "booker", a pager like program that is optimized for reading. This "booker" would allow you to change margin size, character scrolling etc. It also would turn text into a "book" by segmenting each screenfull of text as a page, or by removing newline entirely and creating a "book" out of that. Allowing the user to highlight the current word, or line they are on would also make the program more favorable twoards reading.

3/15/19 - Wrting a Python Curses Program
Python is a great option is you want to create a simple, or complex tui program. The most notable python tui I've written so far has been pluto. When I started writing pluto I had virtually no curses experience. Because of this, I wrote very sloppy and bug-prone code. Whenever I tried to add a new feature, I would have to spend an hour or so debugging to get the feature working properly. So I decided to rewrite from scratch. This really helped me actually learn curses, and create a usable program.

3/15/19 - Hello, World
This is my first post here. I hope I'm able to post regularly as writing about what I'm doing helps to keep me on task. My other blogs have usually dried up after three or four months of infrequent posting.